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"After devoting quarter of a century to unravelling weather phenomena, ATMOSPHERICA pioneers a paradigm shift in disaster mitigation: revolutionary atmospheric countermeasures delivered ahead of time to destabilise and displace event drivers. This disassembly mechanism - safeguarding crops, assets, communities, and cities - to provide an exiting new cache of products and services, for direct engagement by governments, emergency agencies, communities, and corporates."

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Tornadoes pose a significant risk to communities globally, especially within United States, causing loss of life, property damage, and economic disruption.


The current approach to tornado response primarily focuses on early warning systems and emergency preparedness. While these measures are crucial, there is a pressing need for advanced technologies that directly address the tornado threat itself. 

A present-day deep search, reveals that there exist zero direct weather intervention capabilities for the rapid mitigation of tornados for communities facing continued threat.


Presently, these are the endorsed strategies for mitigating tornado impact:


  • Deploying Early Warning Systems

  • Enhancing Public Education and Awareness

  • Establishing Community Storm Shelters

  • Enforcing Building Codes and Construction Standards

  • Implementing Land Use Planning

  • Advancing Weather Monitoring and Research

  • Prioritising Emergency Preparedness


XShield™ offers a transformative solution for tornado mitigation, utilising cutting-edge atmospheric programming technology.


Whilst XShield™ cannot solve climate change scale issues, it can address specific catastrophic threats to communities described as micro-weather threats, such as tornados. By leveraging AI algorithms, big data analysis, and proprietary technology, ATMOSPHERICA's platform is capable of identifying and intercepting / decapitating tornado formation processes, at the pre-mature (unformed) stage.


The company’s machine-to-atmosphere interface, utilises a version of ‘the quantum theory of entanglement’ to deliver vector adjustments into drivers of converging weather structures, ahead of formation of catastrophic events.


The efficacy of XShield™ has been validated to-date privately, through real-world deployments against catastrophic weather systems. Some examples have been referenced on TWITTER at the URL to provide public with a readily accessible, event time-date stamped reference material.


Independent high-quality former govt employee observers are available on request. Our forward plan is to provide the research community access to BETA SERVICE projects for authorised peer review.

XShield™ represents a paradigm shift in tornado mitigation, offering a proactive and innovative approach to protect vulnerable communities from the destructive forces of tornadoes.

app development

ATMOSPHERICA is preparing a powerful platform, which will work with a smart-phone app to securely locate user's homes / assets within the spatial and temporal forward-in-time mapping of our database. We then include those assets in our AI powered threat analysis, which will examine threats - 1-10 days in advance. (Long term, we plan to include all weather threats.)


For users of XShield™[BETA] - upon detection of a tornado threat (1-10 days out), our system will determine a shield polygon, which includes all users' homes within localised subscriber clusters. The polygon(s) essentially provide our system with final geospatial asset designation for immediate application of our shielding technology.

Countermeasures specifically designed to match the approaching threat are deployed, targeting the converging atmospheric threat, with respect to the shield polygon.

We are currently at about 80% success rate (for general catastrophic threats for communities - examples available), but this will be tested and validated for Tornados during 12+ months of the XShield™[BETA] program.


To access XShield[BETA], a nominal monthly subscription fee will be required to cover program administrative costs, whilst there will be no extra charge for tornado shielding services for homes, schools and churches.


IMPORTANT: In response to official threat forecasts, active interaction via the XShield[BETA] app is expected from users.


Despite our dedicated efforts to reduce or neutralize the threat, the primary responsibility for ensuring the safety of family, children, pets, and other dependents rests with homeowners and institutional authorities.

Please direct enquiries to:

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