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"After devoting quarter of a century to unravelling weather phenomena, ATMOSPHERICA pioneers a paradigm shift in disaster mitigation: revolutionary atmospheric countermeasures delivered ahead of time to destabilise and displace event drivers. This disassembly mechanism - safeguarding crops, assets, communities, and cities - to provide an exiting new cache of products and services, for direct engagement by governments, emergency agencies, communities, and corporates."

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On October 23, 2019, ABC Wimmera featured an opinion-piece, weaving together some out-of-context snippets from an interview with David Miles, the founder and CEO of ATMOSPHERICA, previously known as Miles Research.


Regrettably, it has given rise to several misconceptions about the core mission and operations of our organisation.

One of ABC's headlines, "A 'cruel hoax' rebranded," dredged up a 2006 Department of Primary Industry (DPI) Media Release. In this statement, DPI accused Miles Research (then Aquiess) work of being a "cruel hoax" and exploiting struggling farmers. These DPI assertions were based on personal "opinion" rather than any investigative "findings" and amount to defamation. To this day, no formal investigation into our operations has ever been carried out by DPI, (now referred to as DEECA.*) 

The ABC article further amplified some very disparaging remarks made by Mick Keogh, the Deputy Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), insinuating some official ACCC finding.


To clarify, neither ATMOSPHERICA nor its predecessor, Miles Research, has ever been subject to any investigation by the ACCC.

ABC also quoted the then Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) President, David Jochinke, who used unverified claims to label Mr. Miles as a "snake oil salesman." This commentary, presented without the context of any formal investigation, wrongfully implied that the VFF had conducted a thorough assessment of our company's integrity.

The assembly and publication of such disparate, unsupported, and essentially off-the-cuff remarks as 'NEWS' — both online and in radio bulletins — marks a regrettable deviation from ABC's time-honored role as Australia's premier journalistic organization.

* DPI became Agriculture Victoria which is now part of the new Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA).


Crucially, the following vital information was provided to ABC at the time but was inexplicably omitted by the producers in their reporting:


1. An entire 44 page document detailing data and mechanics of our groundbreaking 2018 demonstration to Wimmera Farmers, - a 20-day "emergency rainfall acquisition crop-rescue event." This on-target event stands unparalleled in the entire history of Australian farming and had an indelible impact on the livelihoods of farmers in the region for 2018 season. The event was valued by journalists at the Wimmera Mail-Times at: "hundreds of millions of dollars" to the region.


2. The explanation of the technology included in the document we provided to ABC, including our unique utilisation of " a pairing of a future-event with our model," as in the proposed physics hypothesis known as an Einstein-Rosen-Bridge.

3. Our momentous public international demonstration to the United Nations in 2011-12, which successfully broke a deadly drought-famine cycle affecting multiple nations in the Horn of Africa. Please refer to the following summary video:

The ABC's involvement in a very underwhelming review and tarnishing of our company's reputation is deeply regrettable.


Credibility and rapport, once shared with the farming community - diminished, as individuals, their wives and mates, turn to online searches as a first point of reference. Moreover, government agencies and industry organisations exhibit a predictable hesitancy to recognise the validity of our work - influenced by light-weight journalism from ABC and some mainstream media.

Link to misleading ABC (2019) article:


Rather than indulging in baseless hearsay and unjustly criticizing an Australian innovator who has devoted his life to offering solutions for the devastating effects of adverse weather, ABC should prioritize its substantial budget of over $1 billion towards evidence-based journalism. This includes highlighting the numerous innovations that have contributed to consistent record-breaking multi-billion dollar crop outcomes throughout Victoria's Wimmera, particularly through our multi-seasonal engagements with ATMOSPHERICA (formerly Miles Research). 


Please see this interview with John Reichenbach - 2022:

We believe in the integrity of our mission and remain committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct. We invite any who may have questions or concerns to engage in an open, fact-based dialogue with us.

Results (5 years) are unprecedented in the history of agriculture in Australia.

5-years data, Wimmera - complete history

Data validating Wimmera's cropping yields:

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