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Wildfires/Bushfires present a formidable threat to all of life on Earth.


Human infrastructure and surrounding habitats remain largely combustible, even though our knowledge of materials and manufacturing has advanced significantly.


Modern firefighting has also embraced new techniques and technologies. For example, the use of preventative back-burning strategies and aerial bombardment, when combined with advanced fire-threat modelling, can assist to manage fire trajectory and fuel loads. However the primal driver remains yet unchallenged: weather. As a result of weather changes threat levels can escalate catastrophically and fire fronts change directions instantaneously.


Miles Research can now offer fire authorities a unique toolset with which to confront and mitigate approaching fire threats. During the 2020 eastern Australian bushfires, several significant events were pre-announced and downgraded / rain enhanced, to assist with generating proof-of-capability data. The company's 2021 initiatives will facilitate 'industrial scale' operations, in order to provide services across multiple, concurrent, fire-front threat polygons. 


Utilising big data weather analysis and forecasting, our team operates ahead of the spatial and temporal convergence of the fire's drivers (temperature, humidity, air mass trajectory and velocity). By studying weather drivers ahead of time, vulnerabilities emerge. This permits the deployment of the [IP] technology countermeasures, before a significant event unfolds.


During the last decade our team has executed countless programs to mitigate fire threats within Australia. Where appropriate we have been able to inform authorities of our intent before events occurred. When outside our optimal 'minimal timeframe' we have informed internal parties, or simply logged activity on Twitter for later reference.


During the 2020 fires, when the nation faced expansive threat scenarios, Miles Research executed multiple category reductions vs announced Fire Threat Levels, and produced rainfall well beyond forecast volumes over multi-state targets. These efforts were announced ahead of time.   

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Humanity has suffered from the catastrophic impacts of natural disasters for millennia. Costs continue to climb, despite our significant advancements in earth and space sciences. As an entrepreneurial inventor, I have worked on developing a solution since the early 1990’s. I began to realise that similar to the human genome, a deeper, invisible coding exists behind the phenomena of weather. Miles Research is the pilot vehicle tasked with explaining the mystery and harnessing a means to exploit weather programming, for the benefit of all.

D. Miles, Principal, Miles Research 2021

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