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"After devoting quarter of a century to unravelling weather phenomena, ATMOSPHERICA pioneers a paradigm shift in disaster mitigation: revolutionary atmospheric countermeasures delivered ahead of time to destabilise and displace event drivers. This disassembly mechanism - safeguarding crops, assets, communities, and cities - to provide an exiting new cache of products and services, for direct engagement by governments, emergency agencies, communities, and corporates."

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Flooding poses a substantial threat to communities worldwide, with devastating consequences ranging from property damage to disruptions in daily life.


The prevailing approach to flood management primarily emphasizes early warning systems and community readiness. While these strategies are imperative, the demand for innovative technologies that directly confront the flood menace remains urgent.


Presently, an exploration into existing solutions reveals the absence of effective direct weather intervention mechanisms to swiftly mitigate flood risks for vulnerable communities.


Currently, endorsed strategies for flood risk mitigation encompass:


  • Developing Early Warning Systems

  • Educating the Public and Enhancing Awareness

  • Establishing Safe Havens for Communities

  • Enforcing Resilient Building Codes

  • Implementing Comprehensive Land Use Planning

  • Advancing Weather Monitoring and Research

  • Prioritizing Emergency Preparedness Measures


Introducing XShield™ [Flood BETA], a revolutionary answer to flood mitigation, harnessing state-of-the-art atmospheric programming technology.


Whilst our development team acknowledges the limitations in addressing global climate change, we have excelled in countering micro-weather threats like regional floods, which directly impact communities. For example, during one of the wettest Bureau forecasts for October rainfall across Victoria, Australia, our clients within the Wimmera engaged with us to reduce rainfall for already saturated crops, enjoyed very little rain - and no flooding. 

Forecast Rainfall [16 - 23 October '22]


Recorded Rainfall [16 - 23 October '22]

More details on Twitter, including the announced (above) intervention.

The company’s machine-to-atmosphere interface, utilises a version of ‘the quantum theory of entanglement’ to deliver vector adjustments into drivers of converging weather structures, ahead of formation of catastrophic events.

3 months client shielding [Dec '22 - Feb '23]


Rainfall (8-day) Forecast, showing 25-50 mm in client area
Rainfall Recorded, showing 5-10 mm in client area
3 Months Rainfall estimate from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology


The efficacy of XShield™ has been validated to-date privately, through real-world deployments against catastrophic weather systems. Some examples have been referenced on TWITTER at the URL to provide public with a readily accessible, event time-date stamped reference material.

Capability example 3 March 2022 ~ Sydney, NSW

Independent high-quality former govt employee observers are available on request. Our forward plan is to provide the research community access to BETA SERVICE projects for authorised peer review.

XShield™ [Flood BETA] marks a revolutionary stride towards advance flood mitigation, introducing a proactive solution capable of directly safeguarding towns, cities, and regions by targeting the atmospheric causes of flooding.


XShield™ operates independently of a region's terrain and catchment dispositions, presenting a transformative paradigm shift in flood risk management.


app development

ATMOSPHERICA is preparing a powerful platform, which will work with a smart-phone app to securely locate user's homes / assets within the spatial and temporal forward-in-time mapping of our database. We then include those assets in our AI powered threat analysis, which will examine threats - 1-10 days in advance. (Long term, we plan to include all weather threats.)


For users of XShield™ [Flood BETA] - in towns and communities* upon detection of a weather system with flood-threat potential, we will generate a shield polygon which protects the community by embracing the "entire catchment perimeter" - terrain-defined - to reduce runoff into the community. The generated polygon(s) essentially provides our system with final geospatial asset designation for immediate application for shielding against the approaching threat(s).

*Where user numbers are equal to, or greater than, our minimum required to be able to operate the program.

Countermeasures specifically designed to match the approaching threat are deployed, targeting the converging atmospheric conditions in order to disassemble the approaching threat - rather than diverting it, for obvious moral and ethical reasons - in relation to the shield polygon.

We are currently at about 80% success rate (for general catastrophic threats for communities - examples available).


To access XShield[Flood BETA], a nominal monthly subscription fee will be required to cover program administrative costs, whilst there will be no extra charge for flood shielding services for toewns and communities which meet our minimum subscription requirements. 

In the case of emergency for non-subscribers, a service fee may be negotiated by town / community authorities or designated representative, to prevent catastrophic flooding, provided there is sufficient lead time before the threat event arrives. (Currently the minimum lead time for shielding a capital city from a flooding rain event, for example, would be 24 hours. Where the body of water is already on the ground and in motion, our atmospheric services do not apply.) 


While we are committed to minimizing or mitigating potential threats, including flooding, it is important to emphasize that the primary responsibility for ensuring the safety of loved ones, family members, pets, employees, and assets rests with parents, carers, caretakers, facility owners, managers, and relevant institutional authorities.

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