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Drought remains a formidable threat, affecting agricultural productivity, communities, and ecosystems globally.


ATMOSPHERICA represents 25 years of experience and client engagement in rainfall acquisition and weather intervention. Our groundbreaking solution - developed, calibrated, demonstrated, recently for six years, in the Wimmera, Victoria.







Results (5 years) are unprecedented in the history of agriculture in Australia.

DroughtBreaker [2.0] is the result of our enduring efforts to combat water scarcity and minimise the devastating impacts of drought events. Building upon the success of its predecessors, Drought
Breaker [2.0] harnesses cutting-edge atmospheric programming technology and an interdisciplinary approach that we have diligently developed. By targeting the pre-event dynamics within the atmosphere, we adjust pressure system dynamics towards improvement of water availability against time, to address drought conditions with unparalleled precision.

5-years data, Wimmera - complete history


With DroughtBreaker [2.0], ATMOSPHERICA offers a game-changing toolset to address the challenges of water scarcity and drought. Through the power of big data weather analysis and forecasting, we are at the forefront of tackling the convergence of drought drivers, such as temperature, humidity, and air mass trajectory. Our advanced modeling and analysis allow us to identify vulnerabilities and deploy our proprietary technology to influence weather patterns and increase rainfall in drought-affected regions. The effectiveness of DroughtBreaker [2.0] has been extensively validated through significant data collected during its deployment in various regions worldwide. Our proven track record is backed by comprehensive data from a six-year deployment in the Wimmera region of Victoria, Australia. Furthermore, we have successfully demonstrated our capabilities on an international scale through the UN FAO & WFP 2011-12 RAINAID deployment, which effectively put an end to drought-induced famine in the Horn of Africa, cancelling the USD 2.7 billion UN fundraising. Additional data from private engagements around the globe further confirms the veracity of DroughtBreaker [2.0] in enhancing water resources, supporting agriculture, and improving food security in the face of adversity. The validation of our technology solidifies its position as a powerful and reliable solution to combat drought's devastating effects.


Traditional approaches to drought management have been reactive and limited in their effectiveness. At ATMOSPHERICA, we aim to disrupt this paradigm by offering a proactive and sustainable solution: DroughtBreaker [2.0]. By altering the physics behind drought events and mitigating their impacts, our breakthrough technology enables the editing of converging conditions. This innovative approach, combined with our deep understanding of meteorological drivers and atmospheric dynamics, unlocks new possibilities for protecting lives, preserving ecosystems, and promoting resilience in water-stressed regions. DroughtBreaker [2.0] represents a paradigm shift in drought mitigation, offering hope, innovation, and a sustainable path forward for cultures, communities, and industries worldwide.

ATMOSPHERICA's weather intervention platform operates 24/7/365, empowering clients with subscription-based engagement options for short, medium, and long-term solutions. We welcome inquiries and are dedicated to providing the tools and expertise necessary to combat drought effectively.

The DroughtBreaker [2.0] mission, is to lead the charge in transforming drought mitigation and provide sustainable agricultural solutions, including drought prevention, for a more resilient and secure world.

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proof of concept

Successful support of Victorian, Wimmera cereal farmers during a two-year DroughtBreaker 'testing phase' in 2016 and 2017, effectively ended the preceding three-years of drought. Engagements in 2018 were limited to a few isolated events and provided valuable contrasting data. During 2019, we collaborated with a group of approximately ten farmers from the Wimmera region, who actively engaged throughout the entire cropping season. Results distinguished the (target Wimmera) region from most of eastern Australia according to crop-yield alone, during the "worst drought in living memory." And the continued involvement of Wimmera clients has yielded compelling long-term data, showcasing the significant and time-tested impact of our 'rain enhancement' practices in this region.


The regionally applied 'rain enhancement' turnaround of 2016 & 2017, which some believed was "too good to be true," now forms an integral part of the (now six-year-validated) portfolio of agricultural solutions, packaged into DroughtBreaker [2.0]. With an expanded range of capabilities, DroughtBreaker [2.0] provides a powerful on-demand toolset to combat water scarcity and effectively mitigate the impacts of drought.

Photograph:  Victorian, Wimmera farmer John Reichenbach, standing in healthy Barley and Canola crops, 29 August 2016

Below:  Interview with John Reichenbach regarding consistency of results.

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