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Miles Research exists to navigate and map a commercial pathway for an innovative atmospheric programming technology. The system may be described as interdisciplinary, and draws from leading edge developments in applied sciences and computing. We are presently assembling a technology consortium to facilitate the world's first remote disaster intervention platform, to be piloted in Toowoomba, Qld. The system will deploy proprietary technologies developed over two decades for the purpose of delivering turn-key weather-adjustment solutions to sovereign governments.


The initial discovery embodies a means to engage directly with near-future weather events, by targeting converging pre-event dynamics, within relevant pressure systems. The developers began to explore opportunities to increase rainfall for farming regions enduring drought, and reducing wind / temperatures for communities facing horror-fire conditions. Weather Moderation has been successfully demonstrated to government observers, to the United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and World Food Program (WFP), as well as to private clients and observers around the world.


Whereas distance prevents mankind from reaching inter-stellar exoplanets to examine potential for life, so a formidable 'time-horizon' impasse has prevented human intervention into near-future catastrophic threats. Such intervention has historically been relegated to the divine, or to gods in general. Miles Research backed by several strategic corporates, has developed a solution which permits the editing of Newtonian mechanics, ahead of time. By reprogramming atmospheric behaviours the technology is able to mitigate adverse conditions before impact.

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Humanity has suffered from the catastrophic impacts of natural disasters for millennia. Costs continue to climb, despite our significant advancements in earth and space sciences. As an entrepreneurial inventor, I have worked on developing a solution since the early 1990’s. I began to realise that similar to the human genome, a deeper, invisible coding exists behind the phenomena of weather. Miles Research is the pilot vehicle tasked with explaining the mystery and harnessing a means to exploit weather programming, for the benefit of all.

D. Miles, Principal, Miles Research 2021

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